|English| Review : “Joe Biden on jobs report…”

| 04/06/2021 | Suite à vos demandes voici la review du discours de Joe Biden en lien avec l’emploi sur Mai 2021 aux États-Unis. Sur Langues d’Ailleurs, nous souhaitons aussi accompagner les niveaux intermédiaires en anglais...Alors, qu’a-t-il dit sur ce point ?! On s’y penche !

«Review 04/06/2021 :Joe biden, on jobs report… »


Le script de 00:05 à 09:16


« President Joe Biden on jobs report » par CNBC Television

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À propos des Review: contrairement aux scripts, les reviews ne conserveront pas les éléments d’oralisation liés à la langue orale. Ils ont pour objectif premier de travailler votre compréhension plus générale autant à l’oral qu’à l’écrit. Malgré tout, et pour des questions pédagogiques, nous avons choisi de conserver les phénomènes de contractions ; ceci jusque dans le texte écrit donc. Good learning guys !

| 00:05 | « Good morning. Today we received great news…for our economy and our recovery ; and for the American people. This morning we learned that in May, our economy created five hundred and fifty-nine thousand (559 000) new jobs. Unemployment rate fell to five point eight percent (5.8%) and wages went up for American workers. That means we have now created over two million jobs in total; since I took office.
More jobs than ever been created in the first four months of any presidency in modern history. Triple the rate of my predecessors, eight time the rate of President Reagan. The unemployment rate is now below six percent (6.00%) for the first time since de pandemic hit. The first fourteen months…First time, first time in fourteen months we saw the largest decline in the number of long-term unemployed in more than an entire decade, in the last ten years. Long-term unemployment dropped by the second largest amount ever recorded.

| 01:04 | Not only that ! But the signs of further progress are already here. This report is based on a week in early may ; that’s how they determined the job growth or loss. We have growth. And, in this week in May, we only had thirty-five percent (35%) of working aged adults that had been fully vaccinated. And, they were still all wearing masks.
Since then, twenty one million more adults have gotten vaccinated. Making easier for them to return to work safely. In short, this is progress, historic progress. Progress it’s pulling our economy out of the worst crisis it’s been in one hundred years. And it’s testament to the new strategy that is to growing ours, this economy, not only growing up but growing from the bottom-up and de middle out.

|01:55| Remember ! When I took office in January where our economy was on a tailspin ! Job growth had stalled! Covid was raging ! Average initial claims for unemployment insurance were over eight hundred and thirty thousand (830 000) per week ! Now those claims have fallen below four hundred and thirty thousand (430 000). About half of what they were when I took office ! Before I took office, almost twenty-four million americans were going hungry !
Remember those long lines of cars, miles long, people waiting for just a box of food to be put in their trunk ! That numbers already dropped bye twenty-five percent (25%). Still too many ! But clear progress. Before I took office, independent experts were projecting that the American economy would grow by three or four percent in twenty twenty-one, this year !

This week, the Organization of the Economic Cooperation and Development – the so called OECD  which makes up a group includes the world’s largest economies in his membership ; And has been one of the leading bodies analyzing economic growth worldwide in individual nations – increased their projection for US economic growth, this year, to six point nine percent (6.9%) in twenty twenty-one. That’s the fastest space in nearly four decades.

|03:12| In fact, US is the only major economy where projections of future growth are stronger today than they were before the pandemic hit in twenty-twenty. And in May, manufacturing activity was nearly as strong as it was in more than fifteen years !  Stronger than fifteen years ! No other major economy in the world is growing as fast as ours. No other major economy is gaining jobs as quickly as ours. And none of this success is an accident ! It isn’t luck ! It’s due in no small part.
First of all, of the cooperation the American people and responding to my  effort to get Covid under control – wearing mask initially and getting vaccinated – and it’s no small part to the bold action we took by passing the American  rescue plan. The plan provided those resources to get shots in people’s arms. Underwrite the vaccination effort. Enough vaccines supplied for every single American, more vaccinators – people to put shots in the arms – and more vaccination sites ! And now, fifty two percent, fifty-two percent (52%) of American adults are fully vaccinated. Seventy five percent (75%) of our seniors are fully vaccinated. And the American rescue plan delivered economic benefits directly to the American people !

|04:35| Because of that law, more than a hundred and sixty-seven million of those rescue payments of up to fourteen hundred dollars have gone out to the individual families. A recent study, – the census of pure data found – just how much these checks mattered ! They drastically reduced depression, according to the study, anxiety and hardship for families. More than forty percent fewer families struggled to afford food, rent, utility, car-payment, student loans and healthcare expenses. Small businesses and restaurants were getting killed ! Now we’re delivering loans and the support they need to reopen and to stay open ! Schools were struggling to reopen so we made vaccinating teachers a priority. We delivered to the schools the much support they needed ! State-local governments had to layoff  tens of thousands of educators and first responders. Many are now back in their jobs thanks to the rescue plan.

|04:35| In fact, in May, State-local governments added one hundred and three thousand education jobs ; return them to work ! These funds are continuing to get out this month to support state and local governments which will help get more people back to work ! Small and medium-sized businesses are now able to take advantage of a special tax created ; called the “employee retention tax credit”. It provides businesses a generous tax credit to retain or hire more workers !
Through our restaurant revitalization fund, we anticipate being able to help over one hundred thousand hard-it restaurants stay open or reopen . And beginning next month, most families with children are be getting a tax cut which should be going and deposited in their accounts, directly into their bank accounts every month. We know that access to childcare is one of the biggest barriers in the way of parents going back to work.

|06:35| Our administration is delivering thirty-nine billion dollars in childcare relief to help childcare providers to get back on their feet, the providers, and serve more families. In this month, our economy added nearly twenty thousand (20 000) more childcare jobs they weren’t there the last months ; in fact, allowing parents to have access to get help. And temporary boost in non-employment benefits that ended ; and that we enacted, I should say. Help people who’ve lost their jobs through no fault on their own !  And to still maybe in the process of getting vaccinated ;  but it’s gonna expire in ninety days.
That make sense that it expires in ninety days ! To sum it up, look ! Covid cases are down ! Covid deaths are up ! Unemployments filings are down ! Hunger is down ! And vaccinations are up ! Jobs are up ! Wages are up ! Manufacturing is up ! Growth is up ! People gaining healthcare coverages is up ! And small business confidence is up ! America is finally on the move again ! As we continue this recovery, we’re gonna hit some bumps along  the away. Of course that will happen ! We can’t reboot the world’s largest economy like flipping on a light-switch. There’s gonna be ups and downs in jobs and economic reports but we’re gonna be a supply chain issues and price pressures on the way back to stability and steady growth.

|06:35| In the coming weeks, my administration is gonna take steps to combat this supply constraints, building on the work we’re doing on a computer chips ; That is we’re providing more computer chips to be manufactured here, in the United-States so it doesn’t slow up the manufacturing of automobiles for example. Everyone needs to get to shots though !  Now it’s the time to accelerate the process we’ve been making ! Now is the time to build on the foundation we’ve laid ! Because if all the progress is undeniable, it is not assured !
That’s why I propose the “American jobs ‘plan” and “the American family plan”, for generational investments, we need today, we need to make those investments today ! To be able to continue to succeed tomorrow ! We have a chance to seize on this economic momentum of the first months of my administration :  not just to build back but to build back better ! This much is already clear. We’re on the right track. Our plan is working  and we’re not gonna let up now ! we’re gonna continue to move on.

I’m extremely optimistic, I hope you are as well. And may God bless you. May God bless America, may God protect our troops. Thank you all for being here. »


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À présent, nous allons prendre le temps de revenir sur ce discours avec quelques annotations autour de différents points de langues.


“In this speech : le point langues”


On zoom sur le plus central & réutilisable !


| Vocabulary |

A wage : nom commun signifiant « un salaire« .

A talespin  : nom commun signifiant une « vrille / une chute libre« . 

A census  : nom commun signifiant une « un recensement« . 

A hardship  : nom commun signifiant une « une épreuve » incluant souvent une connotation de difficultés/souffrances. 

A loan  : nom commun signifiant une « un prêt » lié au prêt bancaire en l’occurrence.

(to) enact  : verbe signifiant « promulguer« .

computer chips : nom commun signifiant « les puces informatiques« .

(to) lay : verbe signifiant « poser » au sens de « fonder » donc.

| Expressions |

« to hit bumps«  : Littéralement « frapper des bosses ». Expression signifiant le fait de « rencontrer un ou plusieurs obstacles« .


Des questions, remarques ou suggestions sur ces différents points ou d’autres ?! Posez-les nous en commentaire de cet article



« À propos de la review »


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Veuillez noter que, comme à l’accoutumée, les annotations de cette review ont été réalisées fonction de notre expérience et des échos reçus sur les diverses difficultés rencontrées. Aussi, et dans le cas où vous auriez des questions sur d’autres points que ceux annotés, n’hésitez pas à nous en faire part dans les commentaires de cet article. D’ailleurs, n’hésitez pas à consulter nos autres scripts afin d’améliorer vos capacités toujours davantage.

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